The Official Photoblog of the Seattle Thunderbirds

Hello and Welcome!

Hello T-Birds fans! Welcome to a new and regular feature here on, the Seattle Thunderbirds Photo Blog.

I hope to use this space to take you behind the scenes at T-Birds games and show you not only what happens on the ice, but what happens off it as well.  Over the course of the season you’ll see plenty of the bone-rattling checks, game-changing goals, and last-minute saves that you’d expect of a hockey photo blog, but also some of the things that go on beside the game.  Ever wonder what exactly goes into preparing the Showare Center for practice or a game?  How about what exactly the off-ice officials do throughout the game?  Throughout the next six months, I’ll be showing you that and more.  In fact, if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see in this blog, please let me know in the comments section.

At your service is new team photographer Kyle Scholzen.  I spent the last three years shooting for the University of Washington’s student newspaper, The Daily, where I shot plenty of Husky sports while getting my degree.   Although I’ve never shot hockey before, I look forward to learning the game and seeing what pictures I can come up with this season.  And I look forward to sharing what I find and what I learn with you all.  I hope you enjoy looking at this blog, as I’m sure I’ll enjoy making it.

A few shots from the home opener against the Winterhawks is coming up shortly.  Stay tuned for plenty of photos from the Seattle Thunderbirds 2010/2011 season!

Til next time, go T-Birds!


Here's me in action! Obviously not at a hockey game, though.


Photo by Laura Hughes

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