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So it Begins! Training Camp 2012-13

Hello once again Thunderbirds fans, and welcome to the 2012-13 season! I’m team photographer Kyle Scholzen and I’m back for another year behind the camera for everyone’s favorite hockey team! Once again, I’ll be taking photos at most of the Thunderbirds’ games, team events, and perhaps a few other activities, bringing you guys a bit closer to the action on and off the ice. Let’s start out the new year off with a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into Training Camp Check In!

August 22 was training camp reporting day for old, new, and future Thunderbirds players. On the list of things to do for players were take updated headshots, film introduction videos, and participate in fitness testing, among other things. I was there to document some of the goings-on, so let’s see some of the photos from the day!

Camp attendee Austin Adamson holds up a sign with his name before filming his player introduction video. Players held up signs with their names on them prior to taping to help with player identification during post-production.

Left winger Mitch Elliot (left) chats with general manager Russ Farwell after taking his photos and filming his intro video. Elliot is returning for his fourth year manning the left wing for the T-Birds.

Center Brayden Low is all smiles while recording his introduction video. On Check In Day, the players filmed the videos played each game while the starters are being introduced. In order to get the five or 10 seconds of screen time, the players are told to stand still for 30 seconds. It may sound easy, but staring at a camera for 30 seconds always seems longer than it really is.

Tristan Simm puts on pads before having his headshot taken.

At the time this photo was taken, most campers had arrived at the ShoWare Center and checked in. Seventy players attended the team’s five-day training camp in an effort to make the preseason roster.

Mathew Barzal, the team’s first-round draft pick this past May, dons pads and a Thunderbirds jersey in preparation for his headshot before the start of training camp.

Once all the photos were taken and videos filmed, it was time to move into the weight room for some fitness testing…

New Thunderbirds defenseman Jesse Forsberg takes part in the vertical jump during fitness testing at the beginning of training camp. Forsberg spent the last three years with Prince George and was acquired early in August.

Camp attendees loosen up their legs on stationary bikes after doing the leg press exercise during fitness testing.

Short post today I know, but there’ll be plenty more once the season begins! Although the regular season doesn’t start until September 21 at Portland, the T-Birds’ home slate actually begins with a preseason tilt against Everett this coming Friday, Sept. 14! I’ll be there, will you guys?

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